SEC India Pvt. Ltd. offers you all-seasons mineral semisynthetic and synthetic oils for petrol, gas and diesel engines


 The main factor, providing height quality of lubricants and YUKOIL engine oils is the application of the most modern Lubrizol technologies - the worlds leader in the additives production field and components for lubricating materials.

LUBRIZOL is a transnational company, founded in 1928 in the USA. It possesses production powers in 19 countries and scientific-research centers in 12 countries.

LUBRIZOL participates in creation of all key products manufactured under the trade mark.

YUKOIL beginning with the recipe working out up to oil parameters analysis within their application under the real terms.

One more factor of success is the application of the CAVITOL technology. CAVITOL that allows to dose and mix up components of oils in their production with high accuracy and to shorten the time of technological cycle. The partnership with LUBRIZOL and advanced technologies are the factors of success of YUKOIL products, having been a multiply winner in the competitions «Top 100 goods of Ukraine».

Since 2007 YUKOIL is the largest consumer of LUBRIZOL products in Ukraine.

Factory specialists are regularly trained on the LUBRIZOL programs and get the most actual information.

Motor oils YUKOIL

YUKOIL company offers you all-seasons mineral semisynthetic and synthetic oils for petrol, gas and diesel engines. According to the trade mark YUKOIL oils can be used at the temperatures from -40°С to +50°С in the engines of home-produced and foreign cars, buses, heavy trucks and agricultural motors

Motor oil production

Oils are produced for all types of car engines: from carburetor petrol motors to turbo diesel with intercooler. One type of motor oils can be used for a little class A-car, another for a huge lorry.

Producing all types of YUKOIL oils the quality management system corresponds to the international standard «ISO 9001 :2008». The company's range of products gives the opportunity to choose the mark of the motor oil that is the most suitable for engines, but also oils for transmissions, hydraulic engines, production equipment and electro-generators. Based on the demand for lubricants u can purchase oils for all types of YUKOIL oils from 1L to 200 L in a plastic or metal packing.

YUKOIL motor oil is used by industrial plants («ZAZ», Arselor Myttal, Interpipe) , networks of filling stations such as Avias, UTN-Vostok and other home and foreign industrial, trade and service enterprises.