SEC India Pvt. Ltd. offers its services in retrofitting and overhaul of machining tool fleets and supplies modern metal-working machines from top European Union manufacturers for the machine building complex.

SEC India Pvt. Ltd. delivers products and services acknowledged among the best -in-class due to performance, reliability and high-accuracy.

Supply of equipment

SEC India Pvt. Ltd. in cooperation with its partners supplies machines and equipment for automotive, machine building, aerospace and defense industries.

  • Metal-working machinery (CNC lathes and machining centers, threading lathes, engine lathes, turning lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling and boring machines);
  • CNC Engine lathes;
  • CNC Machining centers;
  • CNC Universal grinding machines;
  • CNC Mills;
  • CNC Drilling and boring machines;
  • Press-forges;
  • CNC Plasma, laser and flame cutters;
  • Complete metal processing lines.



Design and manufacturing of CNC machines to meet your specifications

  • Answers to unconventional and complex technical challenges.
  • Optimum solutions to meet the objectives of your manufacturing processes.
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment.
  • Training of your operations personnel.
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing.
  • Selection and supply of spare parts and components.
  • Retrofitting of machines to meet new production requirements.
  • Service maintenance.
  • On-call qualified support throughout all stages of cooperations.

Overhaul and retrofitting of metal-working machines

Complete refurbishment and retrofitting of metal-working machines may be an efficient alternative to purchasing new machines. 

Overhaul and retrofitting is dedicated to replace physically obsolete elements, improving the accuracy of the equipment to its nominal design parameters. Repair of machines results in the reduction of maintenance and operation costs, extends the inter-service period, improves the performance and restores the accuracy of the machines.

Today, retrofitting of machine tool fleet is inevitable to meet new requirements for modern equipment in the machine building industry. Increased accuracy, improved performance, requirements for full automation of existing process lines, reduction of rejects - only completion of these conditions allows to stay competitive in the market.

Many years of experience, own design bureau in the Czech Republic and own technical base and servicing facility, allow SEC India Pvt. Ltd. offers overhail and modernization services:

We overhaul and modernize:

  • CNC Lathes;
  • CNC Engine and Turning Lathes;
  • CNC Machining centers;
  • Universal CNC Grinding machines;
  • CNC Mills;
  • Other metal-working equipment from world leading manufacturers.

Following operations comprise the retrofit:

  • Repairs of all mechanical units;
  • Replacement of outdated components with modern components;
  • Control system upgrades;
  • Replacement of electrical and other components;

Our experts offer assistance in disassembly of equipment, deliver the equipment to our repair shops and ensure return from repairs, installation and commissioning of equipment under acceptance procedures.  

Overhaul and retrofitting of metal-working machines and machining centers involve:

Revision of mechanical components;

  • Revision of mechanical components;
  • Repairs or replacement off ball screws, installation of new bearings;
  • Disassembly and tensioning to nominal parameters of supports;
  • Repair of lathe spindle, polishing, balancing and installation of new bearings. Replacement of lathe spindle in event of excess deterioration
  • Replacement of all bearings;
  • General repair of toolkit during overhaul of machining centers;
  • Installation of new lubricating system;
  • Dismantling, replacement, installation and mounting of capstan on capstan saddles;
  • Installation of new disk chuck or sleeve;
  • Cleaning, surface coating, replacement of bearings, and replacement of all non-serviceable parts in the gearbox. Repair or replacement of gearbox.
  • Purging of hydraulic and cooling systems, installation of new hydraulic unit;
  • Disassembly, cleaning, repair and testing of the cut conveyor;
  • Application of two-component paint coating;
  • unstringing and replacement of wiring;
  • Replacement of electrical components providing for integration with upgraded control system and new drives;
  • Full overhaul or replacement of drives;
  • Replacement of feed drive and spindle motors;
  • Replacement of CNC system;
  • We use solutions from Siemens for electric drives, motors and CNC.

Electrical components

Upon request, CNC solutions from Heidenhein or Fanuc may be applied.

Upon completion of repairs, all mechanisms, units and systems undergo thorough testing. We provide test certificates for accuracy tests and execute performance tests at Clients production site.

This facilitates your company to receive a machine complying to all standards and technical specifications and performing with the accuracy of a brand new machine! With a significantly lower cost than that of a new machine.

SEC INDIA PVT. LTD team is striving to contribute to the growth of the Indian Economy and the machine building sector with the newest European technologies.