Corporate values

Activities of many successful companies are based on specific system of values. The system of values defines all directions of company’s life, from organization of labour to code of conduct. System Engineering Company develops its corporate culture based on its own system of values

Corporate social responsibility

The foundation of business processes of our company is social responsibility before society and company’s staff members.

In the areas of its presence, the company position itself as a responsible tax-payer and partner of local authorities ensuring tax payments at sustainable rate.

System Engineering Company boosts its own social initiatives, acts as a donor for social projects, what proves that trust can be gained only by specific actions.

System Engineering Company corporate values are:

  • Client orientation and Long-term perspectives
  • Innovations and Quality
  • Responsibility and Freedom
  • Partnership and Pleasure from work

Client orientation and Long-term perspectives

Development of competitiveness of our customers is our value because they choose us. Strive for leadership, education andprojection into the future guarantee our success.

Innovations and Quality

Compromise is unacceptable when it comes to quality. Innovations is what we continuously cultivate in our company. An absolute value for us is improvement and customisation of solutions.

Responsibility and Freedom

We take full responsibility for all our actions and contribute positivity into those societies where we work. Freedom is an exceptional value for us, especially when it comes to initiative and resolute actions for the benefit of System Engineering Company and our customers.

Partnership and Pleasure from work

Our success depends on respect and trust that we show to each other and to our partners. Pleasure from team work gives us comfort and desire for new goals and achievements.